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 Check out all of our pages to see what new and exciting things will be happening at your
library. Come and sign up for the month of October's new activities!

Mondays in October
     October, 6, 20, and 27th, 2014 --- Come and join Heather Capurso lead our youngsters in Grades 2 + Up in a weekly Art activity for the fall. Be creative from 5 to 5:45 PM each Monday afternoon.

      October 6, 20, and 27th, 2014 ---Korean Storytime is held from 10:30 to 11:15 Am with Ms. Sara Moon. Toddlers from ages 18 months and up are welcome to join Ms. Sara with their Moms/Caregivers each Monday morning!


Tuesdays in October
  October 7th, 2014 --- Tuesday @the Movies: Alpha and Omega 2  will be shown at the Edgewater Free Public Library at 4 PM in the afternoon. Children in Grades Kindergarten +Up are invited to watch this newly released movie! Refreshments will be served.
       October 7, 2014 --- Tuesday Evening Young Adult Movies: X-Men Days of Future Past will be shown here at the library at 7 PM in the evening. The YA population in Grades 8 + Up are invited for this newly released movie and refreshments.

Wednesdays in October 
October 29, 2014 --- Pick Your Own Pumpkin:
Trader Joe's of Edgewater will be providing our toddler population with their own Pumpkin Patch in anticipation of Halloween! All our Babies' Lapsit and Mother Goose Group attendees are invited to register for the library's annual "Pick Your Own Pumpkin" Day!. Our attendees are invited to come dressed in costume to pick a pumkin and then decorate it! Trader Joe's of Edgewater will provide the refreshments for our littlest ghosts and goblins! The annual Pumpkin Patch will begin at 11:30 AM for all participants ages 5 months to 4 years old.
       October 29, 2014 --- "Halloween: Bats Alive! with Joseph D'Angeli: In anticipation of Halloween, the Edgewater Free Public Library is excited to present "Bats Alive!" for the youngsters of Edgewater in Grades K + Up at 7 PM in the library. Joseph D'Angeli's presentation on Bats and their way of life will be a scientific and an educational program. Register for this program at the online calendar.  

Saturdays in October
 --- " Design Your Own Frames!"  --- The Library is hosting a  juvenile art program for our youngsters on a Saturday. Children in grades K + Up are invited to register for this creative program on the library's online calendar.


        Octoboer 25, 2014 --- "Chess Tournament" --- Come and practice your newly-acquired chess skills and playing strategies at another Chess Tournament here at the Edgewater Free Public Library. The Tournament begins at 11 AM here at the library. Award ribbons will be presented to the top winners. Refreshments will be served. Register on the library's online calendar.



































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